VDA 6.3 Implementer Training Course

VDA 6.3 Implementer Training Course

Course overview:

VDA 6.3 Qualification for Certified Process Auditor training uses the process approach and the respective customer-specific requirements. The course will teach you the basics of VDA 6.3 process auditors.

The introduction to the basics of process auditing includes general requirements, methods, principles, assessment scheme and risk analysis.

Furthermore, the underlying questionnaire is explained according to the assigned process elements, so that through the process audit you can identify the respective risks and potentials along the supply chain.

Who should attend:

Quality Management personnel tasked with conducting audits in their own organisation (internal) or in the supply chain (external). Furthermore, this training also addresses external auditors assigned as service providers.

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction
  • Process Audit IATF Requirements
  • Basic understanding of audit
  • Comparative study of System, Process and Product Audit
  • Process Audit Focus Points
  • Process Approach Model in Process Audit
  • Risk Based Thinking in Process Audit
  • Competency for Process Auditor
  • Structure of VDA and VDA 6.3
  • VDA 6.3 Process elements
  • VDA 6.3 sub elements
  • Evaluation of the individual questions
  • Managing un-answered questions
  • Dealing with Asterisk questions
  • Compliance calculation for process elements
  • Compliance calculation for sub-elements
  • Compliance calculation for individual process
  • Determining overall level of compliance
  • Rules for downgrading
  • Detailed discussions for Audit Process
  • Detailed explanation of Process Elements
    • P1 - Potential Analysis
    • P2 - Project Management
    • P3 - Planning the product and process development
    • P4 - Implementation of the product and process development
    • P5 - Supplier management
    • P6 - Process analysis / production


A certificate of participation will be given on completion of the training.


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