Lean Practitioner

Lean Practitioner

Course Overview

The lean practitioner is the course for continuous improvement professionals who wishes to improve processes by lean tools and methods. The course focuses on extensive simulation and particle application of lean. The content of this training course has been developed following the successful implementation of the lean techniques, concepts and strategies used in this course by many companies throughout the globe.

Key Learnings:

  • How to apply lean principles
  • What is Lean manufacturing and its benefits?
  • Understanding 3Mus
  • Understanding VSM and identifying wastes
  • Understanding advanced 5S
  • Understand the visual factory
  • Understanding kaizen blitz
  • Understanding poka-yoke implementation techniques
  • Understanding the basics of maintenance

Benefits to you Organization
  • Reduction in lead time
  • Improve levels of TEI.
  • Improved and self-speaking workplace
  • Reduced rejection levels
  • Robust Processes leading to continual improvement and
  • Savings through the elimination of wastes and non-value-added activities and many more…

Who must Learn

  • Operational excellence professionals
  • Manufacturing/production executives
  • Lean deployment consultants
  • Entrepreneurs

Course Duration: 3 days

Course Content

The lean manufacturing training course covers the following topics:-
  • Lean Principle & waste identification
    • Lean manufacturing Principles & current scenario
    •  Understanding 3Ms: Muda (Waste), Mura (Variation) , Muri (Straining-Men/Machines) 
    • Value stream mapping: Seeing Current Flow & planning  actions to removing Waste

  • Shop floor improvement
    • Foundation of Improvement: Advanced 5-S  
    • Visual Factory: Making workplace joyful & easy 
    • Kaizen: Approach to make changes for good Kaizen Events: Team approach for Quick Improvement

  • Process Flow Improvement 
    • Poka-yoke: Respecting human caliber to deliver best for the Process
    • Improving Process Flow by Quick Change Over (SMED)
    • Autonomous Maintenance


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