5S Effective Workplace Management

5S Effective Workplace Management

Customer expectations from companies for high quality, reliable products at competitive price, at the right time has been increasing rapidly. 
Now the organizations need focus on their operations and support activities and environment not only at the time of product development, they should drag all opportunities to improve up on them to satisfy the changing expectations of customers as well as to handle the competitions. 
5S- Work Place Management, one of the integral components in achieving manufacturing excellence through implementation of Lean manufacturing for productivity, quality and safety improvement in all types of business. 
The 5S program, extensively utilized by most of the leading industrial/ business houses, focuses on having visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization. The results expected from 5S program are improved productivity, efficiency, service, safety and hence profitability. 
Understanding and using 5S, helps to improve one’s ability to manage and improve the workplace in an effective and efficient manner.


Course Objective: 
Course Objective is to provide insight, total exposure, concept and methodology
  • To set up 5S housekeeping implementation system. 
  • Understand each step of 5S and implement them accordingly. 
  • Perform the necessary 5S audit to ensure compliance to standards. 
  • Set up "World Class" shop-floor in your company. 

Who should participate?
  • Managers / Executives / Engineers / Supervisors from
  • Production
  • Planning
  • Quality
  • Administration
  • Commercial

Course Duration: One Day 

Course Content
  • Introduction to Lean Manufacturing 5S
  • The principles and practices of 5S
  • Safety & Sense 
  • Items to be aware while doing 5S activities. 
  • Personal protection in shop floor and recognition of dangerous items.
  • Seiri : Sort out and stratification of unnecessary items.
  • How to decide the unwanted items? 
  • Techniques applied to identify unwanted things, application of tagging etc. 
  • Example and Practical Cases on Seiri Activities. 
  • Seiton : Arrange or do a functional Storage and Eliminating the need to look for things.
  • Proper filing systems and tools arrangement systems. 
  • Error prevention and easy access of required items. 
  • Reducing access time to improve Quality and Productivity. 
  • Application of Visual Control Systems.
  • Seiso : Improve the degrees of cleanliness.
  • Install the habit of cleanliness among all workers. 
  • Quality starts with proper and clean environment. 
  • Designing cleaning methods for hard to access areas. 
  • Cleaning Methods, Tools, Time table and effectiveness measurement.
  • Seiketsu : Visual management and standardization.
  • Type of visual control systems and their application. 
  • Enhance the effectiveness of 5S and implement Kaizen activities.
  • Shitsuke : Habit formation and discipline workplace.
  • Methods to install 5S culture in the plant and office.
  • Promotion of 5 S activities.
  • Cultural Change to Enhance 5 S implementation.
  • Promotion & Monitoring.




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