Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

QGS-Institute of Excellence Your Partner in Digital Transformation

QGS-IoE is here to make the opportunities of Industry 4.0 a reality for your business, integrating Operational Technology and Informational Technology services for a more efficient enterprise. We capitalize on IIoT, AR/VR, Lean, digital twin simulation, and analytics to provide predictive, preventive, and prescriptive solutions. 

We offer tech enablers solutions that can revolutionize your organization. With a unique combination of innovation and automation, our solutions are enhanced by technology enablers that drive the ability to predict, prevent and initiate automated solutions.

QGS has all the relevant enablers for Industry 4.0 in its portfolio in the form of ready-to-use products, systems, and software as well as we can develop systems as per your own requirements. We empower companies to turn their ideas and concepts into connected reality in an economical way by using our expertise in Lean manufacturing, Management Systems, and now in digital solutions.


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