Advanced Product Quality Planning & Production Part Approval Process

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), the guidelines given therein are supporting the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2009 mainly “Customer Focused Approach” including customer specific requirements. The purpose of this Training is to assist Cross Functional Teams (CFT) / Quality Planning Teams (QPT) in how to understand the voice of the customer, developing a structured approach for upfront planning and appropriate communication forms to support meeting customer requirements, needs and their expectations within given time frame. 

QGS has designed One Day training to guide industry understand and deploy APQP & PPAP in their New Product Design & Development and existing product / process modification system

Key Learning:
  • APQP as per AIAG Guidelines covering
  • How to understand voice of the customer, business plan/marketing strategy;
  • How to do benchmarking and develop product assurance plan;
  • The Best practices of early planning for developing “New Products Developments”.
  • Feasibility review and risk analysis
  • How to reduce complexity of “Product Quality Planning” and anticipating the problems before hand, if any.
  • Upfront Planning, ensuring to define the tasks and bringing clarity including adequate communication within different process owners, (i.e. “Who” is to do “What” and till “When” they should complete the same, including the regular follow-up)
  • Product and process design, verification and validation
  • Control Plan Methodology (Prototype, pre-launch and production)
  • The act of implementation and to understand if customer is satisfied including pursuit for further continual improvement 
  • How to maintain composure and confidence in front of the group
PPAP as per AIAG Guidelines covering
  • Customer specific requirements
  • Submission and notification requirements
  • Levels of PPAP
  • Contents of each level 
  • Understanding the Part Submission Warrant and 
  • Understanding Appearance Approval Report


  • Classroom training on basics & illustrative examples.
  • Practice through practical exercises (Control Plan)

Who Must Learn?
  • Technical Managers / Engineers responsible for product / process design & development
  • Design Managers
  • Production Manager
  • Design Engineers
  • Quality Control Executives
  • Quality Engg. (e.g. APQP) Team

Duration: One Day


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