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SA8000 Consultants and Lead Auditor Training Courses

We are the best SA8000 lead auditor Training Course Providers in India and as we all know SA8000 certification issued to a company for coping up with the standards suggested by the organization. It encourages institutes to develop, follow, apply practices that are socially acceptable in the workplace and maintaining them.

sa8000 consultants and sa8000 training

Development course of the certificate

The standard was developed by Social Accountability International in 1997. SAI was formerly known as the Council on Economic Priorities. As recommended by an advisory board, a council consisted of civil society organizations, companies, and NGOs. The motive of SA8000 is to streamline the complexities and standards of navigation industry and lay down some corporate codes in order to develop a common standard for maintaining and measuring the social compliance. This standard can be implemented globally to any firm or institution related to any industry. It has been proven as an extremely wonderful tool to compare, measure, and to verify the social accountability at any given workplace.

How does it work?

Guidelines of SA8000 are inspired from ISO requirements but mainly based on the standards and principles of International Human Rights Norms which are described during conventions of the United Nations Guidelines on the Rights of the Child, International Labor Organization along with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Need and Benefits of SA8000 Lead Auditor Training and Certification

SA8000 standard mainly developed to measure the environment and performance of the institutes in eight grounds that are important for social accountability in the workplace. These are-

  • Child Labor.
  • Health &Safety.
  • Forced Labor.
  • Free association & collective bargaining.
  • Disciplinary practices.
  • Working hours.

Steps to be followed in order to get accredited with an ISO certificate

Here is given methodology of two premier bodies briefing the process of accreditation.

Accreditation by ANAB

  • The quotation is presented.
  • The application is sent to the organization.
  • The institute may ask for an introductory visit, but there is no compulsion.
  • Documents are reviewed.
  • The institute may practice with a mock inspection.
  • Assessment is carried out.
  • The institute may ask for a planning visit which is also not compulsory.
  • Accreditation assessment.
  • If needed, the panel may ask for some corrective actions or follow-up visits.
  • On the basis of various parameters, accreditation decision is taken.

Accreditation by A2LA

  • The application is presented before committing.
  • Documents are reviewed.
  • The institute may ask for a pre-assessment visit, but it is not compulsory.
  • Panel carries out an on-site assessment.
  • If found, deficiencies are presented to the management.
  • Time is given for taking corrective measures and they are reviewed.
  • An accreditation decision is taken.

Though the accreditation process has been designed to remain transparent, it does not necessarily mean it is going to be easy.

Why Choose Us for SA8000 Consultation and Auditor Training?

We were very well experienced firm in offering business management & excellence services with more than 2200 plus clients apart from assessing an organization in the certification process, our consultancy has also proven as an extremely wonderful tool to compare, measure, and to verify the social accountability at any given workplace. 

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