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What is ISO 9001, Advantages and Need of ISO 9001 Consultants and Training Certification

It is an international standard which determines the criteria for quality management system (QMS). Organizations certify to its standard and demonstrate their ability to meet customers need.

ISO 9001:2015 is the current version that replaced the 2008 version. As an ISO 9001 consultant, we are well versed in preparing the organization to accommodate the new as well as amended requirements of the respective standard. We believe in making a difference that adds value to your quality management system and is beneficial from every angle. We strive towards making our clients reach new heights in delivering excellence complying with the ISO standard requirements. Our team will help the clients in understanding the new version and implement the revisions in line with the same.

ISO 9001 is a prerequisite for any and every organization that focuses on quality management regardless of the scale of operation and size i.e. large, medium or small – each one of them has a need. The various certifications as offered by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets out standards for different levels and line of businesses to achieve excellence. ISO 9001 is one out of the many in the league that caters to quality management standards and principles to ensure consistency in delivery excellence and ultimately bringing about business benefits.

The facilitators are many who provide ISO 9001 consulting services and QGS (Best Lead Auditor ISO 9001) is one among them. The ISO 9001 is a common criteria and is implemented globally by over one million organizations for keeping a close check on their quality management mechanism. ISO 9001 aims at making the quality management function beneficial for the organization in the best possible manner. Furthermore, these standards assist in fulfilling the gaps in order to ensure that a robust foundation can be created for better internal and external customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

The suitability of ISO 9001 across all sectors for all sizes and types of businesses across the world makes it a well-acknowledged standards framework for quality management function.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published ISO 9001 in the year 1987. ISO is comprised of standard bodies of about 180 countries.

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To whom ISO 9001 applies?

It applies to all the organizations irrespective of their sizes.Using ISO standard helps the organizations to organize the different processes and improve their efficiency.

Topics covered by ISO 9001

  • The demands of quality management system
  • The management responsibilities
  • Managing of working environment and different resources
  • It also includes the improvement and measurement of the QMS.

In the year 2015, few changes were introduced in ISO 9001. The changes were made to adapt the different changes taking place in the world.

Advantages of ISO 9001

It helps different organizations to ensure that the customers receive the best services and quality products. This will make the customers happy and in return, it will give satisfied employees.ISO plays a very crucial role in organizing QMS and creating satisfied customers and employees.

ISO  9001 certification

Achieving ISO 9001 certifications means that the particular organization follows the guidelines of ISO 9001 and at the same time it meets its own demands. It will also be able to fulfill the needs of the customers and will be able to satisfy them.

In today’s world, if a particular organization is certified to ISO 9001, then the customers can easily trust their products. The customers believe that the organizations certified to ISO are capable of satisfying their needs and sell quality products only.

ISO 9001 Training

Our forte is in offering customized or tailor-made ISO 9001 training courses that are concise and practical as far as their real-time implementation is concerned. The training courses on our platter will help the organization develop high quality and cost-effective management systems thereby making them work seamlessly from beginning till end.

The ISO 9001 training courses are designed in a way that focuses on the seven basic quality management systems:

  • Leadership
  • Customer focused organization
  • People engagement
  • Process approach
  • Relationship management
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Improvement

The list of training courses offered by us includes awareness training, ISO 9001 lead auditor training, implementation training and much more to impart the requisite skills, knowledge, and competence for employees as well as organization’s overall welfare and growth.

Training provides opportunities for different organizations to assess the standard of ISO. The organizations also learn to apply quality management principles.

The professionals who manage the ISO quality management system or the ones who are interested in updating ISO 9001 can go for the training courses.

Moreover, the organizations who want to improve their employee performance can take our training courses. The employees who want to improve themselves can also apply for the training courses Contact Our Team For More info

Benefits of ISO 9001 Consultants

Our endeavor is to make every existing system and process in an organization turn out to be advantageous for the business. Adding a new expense requires a lot of brainstorming before the final decision is taken. Similar is the case with hiring consultants i.e. it definitely is an expense but the benefits and savings that come ahead can quickly outweigh the cost aspect.

We as your trusted ISO 9001 consultants would ensure that the quality management system consulting services we offer to pay off at the time to come. The marked improvement that accompanies will not only give a boost to your credibility but also your market reputation.

QGS as Lead Auditor ISO 9001 is a bit different from other consultants who just provide help and advice.We teach you and help you to complete the system. We also give their valuable advice and also fix the gaps in the system (if any). We also teach you the correct way to meet the different requirements.

What do we offer in our ISO 9001 consultation?

As ISO 9001 consultants, our knowledge and experience in the respective field are unsurpassed. The unmatched expertise gained over the years not only makes us trustworthy consultants but also the best trainers too. While we offer ISO 9001 consulting services to our clients from diverse sectors, our focus is to assist them on their path to achieving new echelons in standardization, compliance and the overall business growth.
We welcome you to contact us for a smooth ISO 9001 certification process in addition to the advanced
ISO 9001 consultation and ISO 9001 training courses that we offer. Choosing us would ensure the following:
1>Better and effective management of the existing as well as new processes
2>Reduced overtime due to better compliance
3>Reduced design modifications since customer requirements are taken into account well in advance

4>Increase in overall revenue through increased customer orders due to higher quality standards and lesser delivery time

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