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Do want to save your electricity bills and reduce notices of over energy consumption of energy governing bodies? Well, you can do so just by using energy management techniques of our company. Energy consumption and its environmental impact are dominating topics in all international, national meetings, summits across the world. ISO came up with ISO 50001 in 2011 integrated with ISO 9001 (Quality Managing Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) for increasing energy efficiency. We use these standards to make your organizations an energy efficient one.

QGSPL is there to assist you with all the training, consultancy and auditing needs related to ISO 50001. Our experts will take care of all the formalities involved in the ISO 50001 certification process. We are a leading and reliable name and have gained expertise in the field of ISO 50001 training over the years with experienced consultants and auditors associated with us.

The ISO 50001 consulting services offered by us will keep your organization stay well equipped and updated with the latest developments as far as the said standard is concerned. Merely getting a certificate to be hanged on the walls would not help you much but with us, you are not only able to fulfill the minimum requirements but also tend to get a company-wide business focused management system as well.

Until the time, our clients realize their potential, every single effort that we make is of no use. Therefore we assist them in building and remodeling the existing business processes in sync with ISO 50001 framework showing you the right direction. With the vast industrial experience, we have acquired throughout our journey, the scope of our services has expanded much more than before. This, in turn, helps us in catering to all our clients’ needs under one roof when they approach us for ISO 50001 standard.

The Need for ISO 50001 Consulting and Auditor Training?

ISO 50001 Consultants and trainingWell, it actually improves the system performance of any industry, institute or Organization. This reduces energy consumption by using various energy management techniques which not only gives profit to your organization but also reduces the impact on the environment. We give a full performance guarantee of your systems energy efficiency.

There are other energy management standards available in the market, but we prefer ISO 50001 which is internationally approved and implemented. This standard was made by 44 ISO member countries and is applicable to all energy governing laws of different countries. Having used these standards for years we provide the best designs of energy structure in your organization.

As ISO 50001 Consulting services provider let us understand how we implement our plan. We draw a rough roadmap for given institution and implement the “Plan-do-check-act” approach for energy management. How do they work is defined in following steps:


  • Define the entire energy policy for the institution
  • Collaborate it with management’s need and capacity
  • Develop an objective and action plan


  • Implementation of plan and its realization
  • Training your employees about their role in the plan
  • Educating your employee by creating awareness about the technique used.
  • Control of the entire operation


  • Close monitoring and analysis of data received
  • Reassessing the action plan and its effectiveness
  • Internal Audit


  • Take necessary steps for optimal results
  • Review of plan
  • Correct Implementation of plan

Benefits of ISO 50001 standard

Not only does an implementation of ISO 50001standard ensure continuous improvements but also has various other benefits as well:

  • Is appropriate for all organizations irrespective of their size across diverse industrial, public and commercial sectors
  • Brings efficiency in energy usage and compliance in the same
  • Less energy consumption and hence better cost savings
  • Better coordination among energy programs i.e. energy efficiency, energy production, alternative energy and renewable energy
  • Helps to build energy management into integral business practices
  • Helps in bringing about an improvement in transparency and communication of energy resources management
  • Helps improve decisions related to operations and capital cost decisions
  • Helps facilitate best practices in energy management
  • Provides a suitable platform to create benchmarks, measure and report energy intensity improvements
  • Assists to evaluate and prioritize new energy-efficient technologies throughout the supply chain Requirements of ISO 50001 System Prior to adopting any new system, it is necessary to evaluate how prepared your organization is for implementing the same.

Why Choose Us For ISO 50001 Consultation and Training Provider?

As ISO 50001 consultants, we help you to understand the requirements which are stated as below:

  • Developing a policy to ensure efficient use of energy
  • Setting targets and objectives in order to meet the policy standards
  • Operating controls and procedures for considerable energy use
  • Better utilization of data to facilitate decision making about energy usage
  • Understanding the measurement and designing of the equipment involved in energy consumption
  • Measuring the results
  • Policy review by the management
  • Rigorous and continuous improvement in energy efficiency
  • Internal audits to check the progress based on the measurements

Now let us see our ISO 50001 Training program. Our training works in following structure:

  • Detailed view of the management system used: Covers all energy consuming equipment used.
  • EnMS (Energy Management system) Requirements: Determining policy and plan
  • Target objective and action plan.
  • EnMS installation
  • Auditing the performance of the technique used
  • Workshops on action plan

Use of this standard is spreading across the world. We adopt and execute many processes to make the standard better and better in near future. Our organization has come up with an intention not only to make the profit but also to save the mother Earth.

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