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ISO 27001 Consultants and Lead Auditor Training Courses

Advantages and Need for ISO 27001 Consultation

ISO or IEC 27001:2005 is a certificate issued to organizations and companies related to information technology, information security managing system, information security. Companies willing to obtain this certificate have to fulfill some requirements according to standards set up in ISMS or information security management system published in October 2005 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with the help of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). There are numerous potential benefits of ISO 27001 certificate implementation.

To whom ISO 27000 family is implemented?

ISO 27001 consultants and ISO 27001 trainingThe ISO 27000 is the family of standards which helps organizations to keep their information assets rated and secure.Certificate from this family of standardization empowers an organization to manage the security and services including its intellectual property, financial details, employee information and data and reference entrusted to the organization by a third party.

However, when it comes to information technology and security management ISO 27001 lead auditor training is the perfect standard described in the family that provides a level of minimally acceptable requirements in an organization.

How to obtain an ISO 27001 certification?

Before requesting an ISO 27001 certificate, a firm should consider multiple factors like costs and length of the project, but these are further affected by the time consumed during implementation and understanding the process in detail.

Cost estimated in implementation is derived from the risk involved; how much of that can an organization afford? There are four types of costs which need to be reviewed when implementing such project:

  • Internal resources: The system defined by ISO covers a wide variety of departmental function i.e. management, IT, human resources, security and other facilities. Above mentioned resources are must and compulsorily required to implement the ISMS.
  • External resources: To save time and huge expenditure it is better to hire an experienced consultant. They will definitely prove useful in internal audits as well as ensuring a smooth procession of certification.
  • Certification: Though mere few approved agencies have the power to assess companies with ISO still fees cannot be charged more than the predetermined standards.
  • Implementation: Cost during this process totally depends on the reputation of IT department in the company.

Advantages of ISO 27001 Consultants, Training, and Certificate

Our ISO 27001 training courses are fabricated in a way that is appropriate to accommodate the in-depth details of the said standard. Our trainers will make you acquainted with the objective, benefits and implementation aspects of the standard. Furthermore, our ISO lead auditor training course will teach you how to conduct an audit or to lead an audit team too. We do not stop here, however, we have courses available for individuals and lead auditors to help them handle the transition from previous versions of the standards for the new ones with ease.

ISO 27001 Consulting

By availing our ISO 27001 consulting services, you will be able to gain an internationally recognized certification as well as qualified members which would help you in implementing exceptional information security management standards within your organization. We will not only be your reliable consultants but will assist you with training as well as auditing as well. With QGSPL as your trusted partner for ISO, implementation and execution of the ISO 27001 strategy will undoubtedly be a guaranteed reality.
Our consulting services help organizations in strategizing, building and certifying a strong and effective information security management system with the extensive experience we have. We do not leave you alone anywhere during the certification process rather our experts will work collaboratively with you for a seamless certification process. We help you with:
a. selecting the right strategy/framework
b.determining and optimizing the scope
c. assessing the risk
d. developing a plan for treatment of risk
e. assessing gaps
f. assessing gaps in security controls
g. defining the prioritized roadmap
h. facilitating gap remediation
i. simplifying security metrics
j. supporting policy, standards, and procedures
k. internal auditing
l. supporting certification audit
m. supporting incident response
Apart from the above services, we are there to assist you and support in whatever that comes across during the training and certification processes for ISO 27001.

We ( having more than 20 plus years of industry experience. Our training and consultation of ISO 27001 help in improving the overall efficiency of the organization. Issuance of an ISO 27001 certificate enables an enterprise to a benchmark on multiple levels. This certificate not only acts as a propaganda against competitors and provides relevant information about the IT security provided by the firm, customers and the vendors, but it also enables management in demonstrating due diligence.

This certificate can foster a cost-efficient IT security, comfortable & efficacious interoperability level because of a set of common guidelines which have to be followed by the organizations in the partnership and compliance with the laws of the state.

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