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What is ISO 17025, Advantages and Need of ISO 17025 Consultants and Lead Auditor Training

Manufacturers were expected to be happy expecting the golden opportunity to receive an ISO 17025:1999 certificate while, on the other hand, higher standards led them to re-think about the idea of getting accredited. Although, firms that overcome such issues received instant credibility. When ISO 17025 was released in 1999 for setting up a standard as general requirements to be fulfilled for competing in testing, it had changed the world of accreditation. On one hand, the new standard simplified the process to bring every product under a single roof.

To whom it is applied?

ISO 17025 consultantsJust a decade ago, it was rare to find an accredited laboratory for a manufacturer. In order of receiving the certificate, they had to parcel their product from manufacturing site to the nearest research laboratory. But it was more a disaster than an opportunity as transporting the product to a distant laboratory meant wastage of money as well as time. This extra step of the accreditation was well noticed by the manufacturers, but they simply lacked a capitalization process.

How does ISO 17025 work?

International Organization for Standardization or ISO is a Switzerland-based initiative that lay down some consensus-based requirements or standards for solutions all over the world. ISO is an organization of just 162 members, each member is responsible for matters with a single country. First, a panel of expert members is selected according to a technical group and they are responsible for assessing the standards of a laboratory and then vote on the ISO standards followed. Draft standards that receive a minimum of two-thirds of the total vote have given the certificate of ISO standard.

Efforts made for the development of ISO 1700 family

ISO 17025 was drafted after voting in late 1999 but was implemented in 2000 on a global level as a replacement of EN 45001 and ISO Guide 25. Meeting excellently with the expectations, ISO17025 had established all requirements needed in general for the calibration and testing laboratories undertake. But, ISO 17025:1999 was sharing few requirements with ISO 9001:1994, which was for quality regulation for management system and this tied both regulations together forever. Later in 2000, ISO 9001 was equipped with some amendments, which necessarily meant that ISO 17025 has to be amended as well to fulfill the standards. This change was approved in the year of 2000 by ISO members and a new standard for the laboratories came into existence as ISO 17025: 2000.

Things one should know before applying for the  ISO 17025 certificate

Panel carrying out the inspection does not necessarily need to fail a laboratory. One should have all the related information in advance to succeed with the high grade. If not succeeded in the first attempt, an institution can adopt the changes suggest by the panel and ask them to review after some time.

Why are ISO 17025 consultants needed?

Our consultants can help you get the ISO 17025 certificate by helping your organization complete the requirements.

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