Behaviour Based Safety Training

What is Behaviour Based Safety Training?

  • Behaviour based safety training is given to the workers for observing co-workers to improve safety and prevent unsafe behaviours.
  • It is an effective measure for the old approach of giving strict warnings or blaming the workers when an accident occurs.
  • It is handled by the Management team.

The factors on which Behaviour Based Safety Is based.There are two main important factors on which Behaviour Based Safety Training are based

  • It is a trust game. It is dependent on the amount of trust that the company has over its employees and that employees have on the management system.
  • It also depends on the employee involvement. A Behaviour Based Safety Training cannot be put into action without the support of your employees.

Behaviour based safety training

Need of Behaviour Based Safety Training

Nowadays, behaviour-based safety training is as important as a witness in a strong case.

  • It is a preventive measure that is implemented by many companies.
  • It is appealing to so many companies for application because the workplace environment is filled with air safety.
  • The task of giving compensations for health hazards is unnecessary.
  • The company can lower the compensation cost and loss due to absenteeism.
  • A trained person can easily guess the unsafe conditions before hand that would cover up the company in upcoming time.
  • It is an easy way to instill a strict code of conduct and security.
  • It builds trust and loyal employees as they feel a valuable part of a company.
  • Increases job satisfaction in workers.
  • It improves employee retention rate.

Benefits of using Behaviour Based Safety Training

There are many advantages of Behaviour Based Safety Training which empowers the disadvantages. Some are,

  • There are well defined safe and unsafe behaviors.
  • Builds self-confidence among the employees.
  • It can bring positivity and motivate the employees further.
  • The effects of Behaviour Based Safety Training are long lasting as compared to other methods.
  • Employees of all levels are given importance when this training is given, thus promoting equality.
  • It influences the behaviour of the employees improving their management and observational skills.
  • Improves one’s decision-making skills, leadership skills, and spontaneity.
  • It is an effective approach which is all about the process of implementation of safety.

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