Six Sigma Green Belt Training

The concept of Six Sigma is not new for the corporate world anymore. It has grown to become a significant requirement for every growing organization in order to gain a competitive edge over the counterparts. The concept is quite wide especially when it comes to learning the tools and methodologies however the execution and implementation of the projects become easier.

Any employee who decides to get a Six Sigma Green Belt begins working under the supervision of a Black Belt that would enhance the analytical as well as problem-solving skill set. This also serves as the foundation for further becoming a Black Belt in the future endeavors too.

The specialized Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course offered by QGS follows a practical approach towards imparting knowledge in the form of real-life scenarios for effective implementation in business operations.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training serves two purposes. First, it trains team members to function as part of an effective Six Sigma team; and second, it begins to prepare them to lead projects and eventually become future Black Belts.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course By QGS

Build a carde of Green Belts equipped to conduct or participate in Six Sigma projects. The participant will learn when and how to use the Six Sigma tools. A statistical package will be used to help Green Belts carry out projects. QGS’s unique 5-day Six Sigma Green Belt Training enables the participants to execute local area projects or work as very useful team members with Black Belts.

Deploy Six Sigma Green Belt Projects to improve the overall productivity and profitability of your organization by identifying and resolving chronic problems and avoiding costly deficiencies.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course Objectives

  • Become a Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Helps in improvising the business operations
  • Cost savings and security of the business operations becomes less complex
  • Enhances the current skill set of the person and consequently, the self-satisfaction levels go up
  • Conduct or participate in Six Sigma projects
  • Apply Six Sigma tools in a real project using a statistical software package

Session Topics

  • How to think about Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Improvement Methodology (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control)
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • Calculating Six Sigma Metrics
  • Project Selection & Project Charters
  • Planning for Data Collection
  • Measure Project Y in Y = f(X)
  • Pareto Charts and Stratification
  • Process Mapping
  • Determining Project X’s in Y=f(x)
  • Hypothesis Testing (inferential statistics)
  • Improvement Tools & Techniques
  • Designing Controls to Hold the Gains

Who Should Attend Training

It is suitable for all those managers, leaders and employees who are willing to apply the quality control measures to increase the efficacy quotient in their ongoing projects.Employees who have been selected to work on Six Sigma projects and who are designated as Green Belts. If desired, upon further training, these Green Belts may eventually become Black Belts.

Champions who wish to achieve competency in applying Six Sigma concepts & tools.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course Module

six sigma green belt training