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Let’s Find Out What Is ISO/TS 22163 Standard and why companies need ISO/TS 22163 Consultants and Training –Being a part of the company, while we think and talk about implementation of International standards, our mind is bombarded with lots of questions. There comes a point wherein looking forward to assistance and guidance regarding the standards as introduced by ISO becomes indispensable. The ISO standards are intended towards bringing about process excellence by conforming to the internationally acknowledged standards. The result of which is expected to be good quality products and services leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

If the consultant chosen for assistance is right then considered half the task done. Handing over the responsibility of ISO consultation to just anyone can lead to irreparable repercussions, therefore, it is always advisable to explore and choose a trustworthy and professional ISO consultant. QGS happens to be the one stop shop for all your ISO related consultation as well as training courses.

What is ISO/TS 22163 & Need of ISO/TS 22163 Consultants and Training?

Unlike many other standards, this standard is not applicable to just any sector i.e. this particular standard focuses on the organizations operating in the rail sector. Furthermore, it is considered to be a replacement for IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard). The ISO/TS 22163 i.e. the new international quality management standard is more effective and is based on ISO 9001. The said standard focuses on introducing improved rail specific requirements that are based on feedback from stakeholder and the developments that have happened in the sector in recent times.

This standard offers uniformity in language, guidelines and mutual recognition of inspections for any and every railway industry supplier who falls under the purview of ISO/TS 22163. The benefits of following this standard would definitely be visible in the form of continuous process improvement leading to customer satisfaction in addition to reduced wastage and cost attached. This new standard continues to be supported by the IRIS Audit Tool that makes its all the more easy for the organizations to incorporate it into the existing system.

Merely holding an IRIS certificate does not suffice the purpose of the standard anymore i.e. holding a valid ISO/TS 22163 would mean not only being certified but also adhering to the processes for the final products and services to fit into customer expectations’. Until the time, checks are in place, the desired outcome cannot be guaranteed or assured that undoubtedly affects the organization on the whole. With ISO/TS 22163 Consultants and Training, the organizations would not only have a rigorous quality management in place but also a plan of regular checks in place for desired results and effectiveness.

So are you ready for the change that stands ahead? Are you already IRIS certified and have to move onto the ISO/TS 22163 certification? Or are you completely new to the game and need hand holding for being ISO certified and comply with whatever is included in the said standard?

Here the question arises that those companies who are already IRIS certified, what is the next step for them? These companies have been given a limited time frame till 14th September 2018 to transition from their current IRIS certification to the new ISO/TS 22163 one. Seems difficult since the standard is new and so is the transition process. However, at QGS, we keep you assured of seamless transition that would not appear to be a challenge for the organization on the whole.

QGS is a professional player in the game of ISO consultation and has been assisting its customers in the smooth and successful implementation of ISO standards as well as the checks and audits in the said field. The experts working at QGS are happy to help its customers’ to ensure that they do not get stuck in the process of transformation.