Business Excellence

Business Excellence and Improvement Division

QGS facilitates the organizations in Business Excellence and improvements through various tools and model/techniques, including Six Sigma, Lean Management, Strategic thinking, TQM and Business Process Management.

QGS Six Sigma Consultants Work Across Diverse Industries

Whether the KPI/Target/Goal is to achieve long-term growth, maximize profits, reduce waste, reduce costs or improving the overall business performance, our consultants have always been there to help their clients in Achieving the Impossible.

 QGS has a team MBBs, BBs who are regularly assisting organizations in India and abroad by onsite visits and taking up problem-solving projects. The experience includes Industries such as Automobiles, Petrochemicals, Engineering and Service Organizations; such as BPOs, Software related and Financial Institutions.

QGS takes up consultancy for company-wide implementation of Lean Manufacturing / TQM Practices. This involves bringing a culture change in the organization so that the management and staff are enthused to use appropriate tools to implement lean or TQM. Pilot projects are taken up to demonstrate rapid improvements, which is then followed by horizontal and vertical deployment. Very large benefits have been achieved by various companies by using Six Sigma / Lean / TQM Techniques.

Business Excellence Division with the cooperation of Training Division conducts a variety of training on and off site to support their clients.