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ISO 27001

Implementing ISO 27001 in an SME

Truly, the implementation of an management system has been viewed as just something that substantial organization can undertake, yet this basically isn't the situation. Getting certification against ISO 27001 training is just as troublesome as you require to get it. It has been feasible for quite a while to scale the usage of a information security management system (ISMS) to the prerequisites of an organization and the arrival of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 has recently made things lot simpler.

Information is an important advantage for little and vast organizations alike, and ISO/IEC 27001 brings equal benefits to organization of all sizes. Information security management gives SMEs the confidence to meet expectations – from lawful to new business openings – giving you a strong and secure base to develop from.

ISO 27001

Independent business that execute ISO/IEC 27001 can accomplish an indistinguishable levels of progress as bigger organizations. We realize that you may have more tightly budgets and less time to deal with the information security risks you confront. Furthermore, we realize that those dangers are as one of a kind as the data you need to secure. That is the reason can be customized to include only the services and products you need – removing the unnecessary cost and complexity of achieving ISO/IEC 27001.


With the arrival of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 it has never been less demanding for SMEs to begin utilizing the standard. To be more particular, the standard offers an adaptable way to deal with ISMS implementation. The 2013 version of the standard empowers you to pick the strategy for creating and constantly enhancing an ISMS (as opposed to commanding one approach), use third party sets or in-house created data security controls, and additionally utilize a wide assortment of techniques for undertaking a data security risk assessment.

It is this flexibility at the heart of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 that makes this standard significantly more easy to understand, especially for smaller organisations.

Get Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate for Growth

Our Six Sigma Black Belt Training provides through knowledge of Six Sigma methods of insight and standards (counting supporting frameworks and instruments). The Black Belt confirms a comprehension of team leadership, team dynamics, and successfully assigning team members with roles and responsibilities.  Black Belt Training creates finish comprehension of the DMAIC show as per the Six Sigma standards, basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts, and skills to quickly identify “non-value-added” activities..

The Role of the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Black Belts essentially concentrate on project execution, while Champions and Master Black Belts concentrate on recognizing activities and capacities for Six Sigma. Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training furnishes these people with the instruments they have to get their Six Sigma Black Belt certification,  which is very important in helping them take on their role as supervisor over the six sigma program in their company. Six Sigma Black Belt training shows them how to administer the Six Sigma projects permitting them to be specifically in charge of these tasks inside their association.


Frequently black belts will hold this position for a couple of years in a full time limit and afterward will come back to their normal job duties after that. They help mentor, create, lead and advise management and employees to accomplish their objectives. They are relied upon to bring on tasks with reserve funds ball-stopped at around $100,000 – $250,000.


Whether in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, government, or any other type of service or product based industry… Six Sigma Black Belt Training is perfect for anybody hoping to get the most out of their profession. Here are only a couple of the things you will find in your black belt preparing:


Six Sigma Philosophy of Process Improvement


  • Customer focused business
  • Lean standards
  • Advanced insights
  • Coaching effective project teams
  • Group/authoritative evaluation


ISO 17025 Training and Consultants

Accreditation of Laboratories by NABL requires that the Quality Managers of the Labo-ratory to undergo training on ISO 17025 by reputed training institutes. QGS conducts Awareness Training programes, Internal Auditor Training programes as per ISO 17025 standard, and qualifies the participants to undertake auditing of Laboratory Quality Management Systems. QGS also conducts customized training programes for Laboratories to meet the requirements of ISO 17025.

ISO 17025 Consultants

The ISO 17025 Consultants ensure that they crack the standard jargon making the proper implementation of ISO 17025 simple and absolutely specific to the laboratory. They have a time bound and professional approach towards ISO 17025 projects.

ISO 14001 Consultants and Training

The ISO 14001 is a family of internationally recognized standards for environmental management systems that is applicable to any business or organization, regardless of size, location or income. These standards are developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which has representation from most Standards bodies all over the world. ISO 14001 standard represents the core set of standard used by organizations for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system.


The ISO 14001 standard helps organizations to identify how their operations affect the environment, and then plan the controls to mitigate the adverse impact. The major objective of the ISO 14001 standard is to promote more effective and efficient environmental management system in organizations and to provide useful and usable tools - ones that are cost effective, system-based, flexible and reflect the best organizational practices available for gathering, interpreting and communicating environmentally relevant information.

One of the important benefits of 14001:2015 is Improved environmental performance led by top management commitment, Cost savings can be achieved through improved efficiency in usage of natural resources and through waste management and waste minimization, reduced risk of pollution incidents and other releases to the environment and therefore avoidance of unnecessary clean up costs and/or enforcement action by regulatory bodies, Compliance obligation, through the identification of new legislation in adequate time to address appropriate issues, reduced risk of non-compliance with legislation and subsequent costs/prosecution, Improved brand image as customers will see an organization that is in control of its impact on the environment, Improved business focus and communication of environmental issues, Improved profitability through cost reductions and improved customer and societal satisfaction.

ISO 14001:2015 standard has been revised to bring synergy between various ISO standards and has replaced ISO 14001:2004. QGS consultants provide an authoritative, comprehensive and value added training and consulting. Services range from executive awareness, context determination, identification of the issues of Internal and External Interested parties, their needs and expectations, carrying out Environmental Aspect Impart Analysis, required level of skill, knowledge and competence on the revised standard. We also provide a complete set of consulting services to help your organization identify requirements as per ISO 14001:2015 new standard and map the compliance requirements as per ISO 14001: 2015 to your current processes.

ISO 14001:2015 standard is one of the most important standards for sustainable development. Start your ISO 14001:2015 certification journey with us today in the most effective manner. Contact us now, to get your organization ISO 14001-2015 certified in the most effective and efficient manner while realizing the true benefits of the certification using our specialized ISO implementation methodology that is less time consuming, fast, easy to understand and implement, result oriented, time bound cost effective.For more details of QGS Services contact, [email protected]

ISO 50001 Training And Consultants

An Energy Management System as per ISO 50001 Training And Consultants ensures culture of minimising energy losses, setting objectives for improvement and reducing the environmental impact. The training under QGS is designed to enable the participants understanding requirements of ISO 50001, carrying out structured energy review, identifying & prioritising opportunities of improvements and establishing related processes.

Energy Management System

ISO 9001 Training and Consultant

Quality Management System standard ISO 9001, is of vital importance to many companies, large and small. ISO 9001 Standard has been adopted in India as an Indian Standard and is also available in English.

ISO 9001 Training

ISO 9001 has been designed to be used by any organisation, large or small, providing products or services and can be the backbone to creating a more successful business. A management system is simply the way an organisation manages its processes, people and other resources so that its products or services meet their objectives and customer requirements. It provides a set of requirements to operate a quality management system and represents international best practice for managing quality. It is built around seven quality management principles which are Customer focus, Leadership, Engagement of people, Process approach, Improvement, Evidence based decision making and  Relationship Management that guide and inform everything in it.

A quality management system that is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard is well suited for all sectors and company sizes. QGS quality management  system training and consulting includes a wide range of quality management training courses, seminars, workshops and events. Presented by qualified, practising QMS c auditors Lead Auditors and other experienced QMS experts, it will help you to achieve your goals.

QGS conducts workshops to assist participants in understanding & application of ISO 9001: 2015 standard. These are designed to provide focus on understanding requirements of latest version comprehensively, which now has fewer prescriptive requirements and higher strategic alignment. Sessions will enable participants to determine context of Organisation, Risks and Opportunities for QMS & simplified application of Process Approach. The quality management workshop under QGS enhances the delegates' learning experience and achieves a better level of understanding at the end of the course.ISO 9001 training  by the experts will help in better understanding of what a quality management system is, how to implement it, and how to audit the system.

This program is intended to create an awareness on Quality and the importance of Quality Management System. The program will cover the Terms and Definitions related to Quality as per ISO 9000 standard, seven Quality Management Principles, the Process Approach methodology specified in ISO 9001 and the requirements of ISO 9001 in detail. The importance of establishing, documenting, implementing, maintaining and continually improving the Quality Management System will be dealt with in detail.

Personnel of the organisations who have implemented a Quality Management System/are in the process of implementing ISO 9001 and/or who audit their systems must attend our courses for the understanding & application of ISO 9001: 2015 standard.


For more details of QGS Services contact, [email protected]

ISO 22301 Training and Consultant

Open up new opportunities by ensuring that your business is equipped to survive major incidents or disaster by implementation of Business Continuity Management System as for ISO 22301. BCMS Training offered by QGS takes the participants through understanding approach for carrying of Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment and developing Business Continuity and Functional Recovery Plans.


For more details of QGS Services contact, [email protected]