About Us

About Quality Growth Services (QGS)

• QGS is a well-known brand Offers Training and Consultations of ISO, DOE, TQM, ISMS, DFSS, BCM, Six Sigma Training in different sectors like Automotive, Banks and finance, Information technology, Electronic, Electrical.
• Our Training Programme is for individuals who want training in different subjects of interest which can help them in future promotions and appraisals and For those whose business needs a kick-start.

Effective Services offered by QGS

QGS offers various services,
• Every problem has a solution. Therefore, any difficulties that you face related to health, environment, business, etc. are addressed by our experienced lean consultants.
• We give special guidance and tips for increasing your scope of improvement.
• We provide training for potential auditors.
• Different Management courses are offered by internationally recognized trainers.
• Different workshops are organized for people from different spheres, who attend in magnificent numbers.

Our Staff

• We have an experienced staff who experts in various fields.
• You will get a new dimension and outlook towards your goal after the face-to-face interaction with our consultants.
• The friendly atmosphere and good vibes from the lean consultants are price and time worthy.

We can provide you with a great platform for growing your business. We will give you good guidance, arrange information rich, useful and educational workshops. Different training programs like Lead auditor training, Six Sigma and lean consulting services will always be open to aspiring auditors, managers.

We cherish our 3 values,
• Commitment
• Passion
• Integrity
Be a part of QGS. It is once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss on it.